The Committee

On 8/12/2017 a general meeting of the society elected the following members to committee positions to serve until the next general meeting held in 2019.


Peter Slezak (University of New South Wales)

General Secretary

Elizabeth Schier (Macquarie University)


Natalia Bilton (Charles Sturt University)image001

Natalia Bilton received her PhD from the University of Newcastle. She has 16 years’ experience teaching student cohorts ranging from first year science to third year medical students. She currently lectures at the School of Biomedical Sciences and her research interests are grounded in educational neuroscience, alternative pedagogies and creative teaching in anatomy and physiology. Natalia joined the society this year and is looking forward to further meetings.

Student Representative

Elia Dokos (Macquarie University)

Communications Officer

Glenn Carruthers (Charles Sturt University)14639641_10206199525947681_8049185361170290536_n

Glenn has been a part of the ASCS since 2007. In 2016 he redrafted the constitution of the society and  formed a committee to reinvigorate the society, leading to the “Cognition on the Coast” Conference in 2017. His work to date has focused on cognitive models of consciousness, especially self consciousness.



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